Emerald City Condominiums - Public art

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Designer/Architect: Douglas Coupland

Duration: Sep 2012 - Dec 2014

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited was contracted by Emerald City Developments I Inc to undertake the manufacturing, engineering, fabrication and installation of ten (10) colourful conical and cylindrical public art pieces along with exterior building signage, TTC lamp posts and outdoor bench seating, using Soheil Mosun Limited's Riverbench for the Emerald City Development in the North York area of Toronto.

Highlights: Main entrance art installation is a 60'-0", 60" in diameter at the base tapering to a 3" diameter at the top with three (3) more cones that are 48'-0" high, 48" in diameter at the base tapering to 3" diameter at the top through the central plaza area of the development. As well, there are six (6) cylinders, three (3) of which are 36'-0" high, 24" in diameter. Another cylinder at 48'-0" high, 36" in diameter is located at the community center within the development. All building entrance signs include the colourful design elements of the cones and cylinders. Soheil Mosun Limited Riverbenches are placed throughout common areas on the grounds. All cones and Custom building identification sign cylinders are fabricated from 1/4" thick "boat hard" fiberglass painted in 24 different colours using exterior grade UV resistant paint finish along with an interior galvanized steel structure.