What We Do
Peace Tower, Ottawa, Ontario
Peace Tower Ottawa, Canada - Soheil Mosun Limited manufactured the observation deck enclosure and window system

Look up at the Peace Tower in Ottawa, Canada's capital. Rest on a smooth, curved bench in New York's Battery Park. Visit the Renaissance Center, General Motors' Global Headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. In all these cases - and more - you will admire the fine work of Soheil Mosun Limited.

We are one of the world's leading custom architectural fabricators. But that doesn't even begin to tell our story.

We work with materials as old as time and as new as tomorrow, building your dreams to the most exacting specifications.

Warm wood. Cool, sleek stainless steel. Magnificent metals. Burnished brass, polished stone, titanium. With painstaking precision, the craftsmen and women of Soheil Mosun mold these materials to turn your designs into reality.

We build beautiful objects - large and small, functional and ornamental. For buildings. Monuments. Elevator interiors. Ornate chandeliers. Fixtures for parks and civic spaces. Signs. Showcases. Scale models, awards and trophies

From our founding in 1973 by Mr. Soheil and Mrs. Brigitte Mosun, we have grown to become known among the best in custom architectural fabrication. But no matter how much demand around the world there is for the work we do at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, we never lose sight of our commitment - to use the finest materials and apply the finest craftsmanship to make the finest products available. Anywhere.