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OC Tanner - Salt Lake City, Utah

Glass Elevator - Glass Elevator Interior

OC Tanner - Salt Lake City, Utah

Monumental Spiral Staircase - Monumental Spiral Staircase

OC Tanner - Salt Lake City, Utah

Olympic Torch Stands - Olympic Torch Stands

One Queen Street East - Toronto, Ontario

Lobby & Business Lounge - Supplied (34) custom light fixtures, 216 linear feet of stainless steel canopies and (1) custom security gate.

Ontario Sheet Metal Workers Union - Training Centre - Toronto, Ontario

Nickel Award - Ontario Sheet Metal Workers Union - Nickel Award

Palm Beach County - West Palm Beach, Florida

Historic 1916 Court House - Custom fabrication of architectural elements for historic 1916 Palm Beach County Couthouse

Peter Minuit Plaza - New York, New York

Zipper Bench - Steel Zipper Benches

Planet Energy - Mississauga, Ontario

Acrylic Lobby Sign - Cast Acrylic Gypsum Cement Lobby Sign

Pottery Barn Yorkdale - Toronto, Ontario

Monumental Staircases and Balustrades - Monumental steel staircases and balustrades

Quark Expeditions - North Pole, NWT

North Pole Marker Sign - North Pole Marker Sign